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The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government. U.S. Constitution - Article 4 Section 4

In a Republic, unalienable rights of individuals are protected by law to safeguard against a majority abusing the minority. This is how a Republic differs from a pure Democracy. We the People of this great Republic shall never accept or permit a leftist communist or socialist form of government.

William B. Browne, 1952. Genealogy Of The Jenks Family In America (JFA).  (sp. Jenks and Jenckes)


Descendant John Howland. Maternal - Mayflower.

From 1642  through the Industrial Revolution

Joseph Jenks Sr. 10th great Grandfather. Founder of the Iron Industry in America 1642. Built first successful iron works in America - Saugus Iron Works. Saugus MA. First Tool Making Forge in America. Granted first patent for an invention in America. Cast the dies and punches for the first colonial coins - Pine Tree Shilling. First fire truck in America "An engine to carry water in case of fire" made for the city of Boston. Joseph Jenks (also sp. Jenckes) Sr

Saugus MA is where Saugus, Santa Clarita CA derives it's name.

Birthplace and Hometown of Henry Newhall - Distant Cousin

Saugus CA

Saugus Iron Works National Historic Park - Saugus MA

Joseph Jenks Jr. 9th great Grandfather. Founder of Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Birthplace of American Industry. Built the first mills at the Pawtucket falls. Funded and built Samuel Slater's cotton-spinning mills downstream from the Jenks' mills. He was a member of the Providence Town Council, served as a moderator at town meetings, was a tax assessor, and performed marriages. In 1679, 1680, and 1691 he was elected deputy (town representative) to the colony's General Assembly. For thirteen years between 1680 and 1698 he was elected assistant (colonial representative) to the General Assembly. During his tenure in 1696, the General Assembly created two chambers: the House of Deputies (town representatives) and the Upper House (the governor, deputy governor, and assistants). Two years later he was elected Speaker of the House of Deputies—now Speaker of the House of Representatives—and was only the second person to hold that office.

John Horton I. Paternal 8th great Grandfather. b. 1672 Milton, Plymouth Colony, m. Mehitable Garnsey. d. 1742 Rehoboth, Bristol, MA. Common grandfather to distant cousins President George H.W. Bush #41 and George W. Bush #43.

Judge William Jenks Paternal 8th great Grandfather m. Patience Sprague. Judge and First Chief Justice of Providence, RI. Served on the Rhode Island Assembly. Brother Joseph Jenks III - Gov of RI. Sprague Family of America common ancestry family with cousins Britain's' PM Winston Churchill,  Lucille Ball and Frank Julian Sprague "Father of Electric Traction", inventor duplex telephone and quadraplex telegraph. Assistant to Thomas Edison.  Jenks lineage - cousin to Stephen Hopkins -signatory of the Declaration of Independence.

Religion in America: A General History of the Baptist Denomination in America By David Benedict

History of The Baptist Denomination in America. Jenks  - Most distinguished members of Roger Williams first Baptist Church in America. Providence, RI.. Reverend Ebenezer Jenks (alt sp. Jenckes), brother to 8th gr grandfather Judge William Jenks, planted the second church in Pawtucket.

Revolutionary War Period

Family members Jenks and Bucklins were among the 55 men known as the Gaspee Raiders. In summary, the Gaspee Affair led directly to the unification movement of all the colonies, which, when formally united, became the United States of America. In the larger scope of things, it was indeed America's 'First Blow for Freedom'.

Dr. John Jenks. Paternal 7th great Grandfather. Physician. Patriot American Revolution.

Abel Absalom Weeks. Paternal 8th great Grandfather. Revolutionary War Soldier. Brinckerhoffs Regiment of Militia, 1777 (Folder 82) - Fish´s Regiment of Militia, 1777

Sampson Spalding. Paternal 6th great GrandfatherRevolutionary War soldier. Connecticut. Lalimore's Regiment. Rank Sergeant.

Isaac Secor. Maternal 6th great Grandfather. NY Militia. Revolutionary War Soldier.

Isaac Secor

Gilbert Townsend Vail Maternal 6th great Grandfather. American Revolutionary War Soldier. Battle at Minisink. Minute-man in Colonel Hatfield's regiment. Captain John Wood's company.

Lawrence Jenks 6th great Grandfather Farming. Spencer MA - younger brothers were revolutionary war soldiers. Patriot Revolutionary War

David Jenks 5th great Grandfather Farming

Charles Jenks 4th great Grandfather Farming

Orren Jenks (Sr.) 3rd great Grandfather Engineer Chenango Locks- Eire Canal extension

Cousin Thomas Allen Jenks (JFA p.338.r611) RI General Assembly. Republican. Congress 1862 38th, 39th, 40th, 41st congress. Head of the committee on patents and the judiciary committee. National fame and recognition as the Father of Civil Service Reform, general bankruptcy and copyright laws. Wrote the Bill that established the Department of Justice. Signatory the 13 Amendment outlawing Slavery. Served in congress under President Abraham Lincoln.

Cousin Jeramiah Whipple Jenks. (JFA p.454.r881) Economist. Founder American Economics Association

Cousin William Jenks. (JFA) Founder American Oriental Society. Chaplain and professor of mathematics in the United States Navy, serving on the "Concord" under Commander Perry D.D. Bowdoin. LLD Bowdoin. D.D. Harvard. Proficient 30 languages.

Civil War Period

Orren (also sp. Orrin Orin) Jenks  (Jr) 2nd great Grandfather. (JFA p.496.r973) Port Crane, Fenton Vestal NY. Union Soldier Civil War. Fought Left Flank Gettysburg. 137th NY Infantry.   Occupation - Physician

George Buchanan  2nd great Grandfather. Union Soldier Civil War. 137th NY Infantry. Father to 1st great Grandmother Kathryn Buchanan.


Orren Jenks (center) Union Soldier 137th NY Infantry. 2nd ggrandfather



The Episcopal Church has added to its Calendar four American women who were pioneers in the struggle for black emancipation and for women's votes. The date chosen for commemorating them is the anniversary of the Women's Rights Convention held in Seneca Falls, New York, 19-20 July 1848. 

Cousin Amelia Jenks Bloomer. (JFA p. 273.r466 ) Activist Woman's Rights and Temperance, Abolitionist. Introduced Susan B. Anthony to Elizabeth Cady Stanton - the Trio. First woman in America to own, edit, and publish a monthly journal - The Lily. Seneca Falls NY Birthplace of Women's Rights in America. Book. Ladies of Seneca Falls. Known for introducing women clothing reform - Bloomers - Bloomerism.

Seneca Falls NY - Center Amelia Jenks

Women's Rights National Historic Park 

Cousin Chancellor L. Jenks. (JFA P.315.r563) "One of the leading conductors of the underground railway and most noted abolitionist of his time". ….Several times risking his own life.

  Cousin Chancellor L. Jenks Obituary

Cousin Downing B. Jenks. (JFA p.524) youngest ever President of the modern railroad. Age 40 merged Union Pacific with MoPac. Served WWII North Africa. Little Rock, Arkansas 1,000 man locomotive repair shop -Jenks Shop.

USS Jenks Escort Destroyer DE-665 WWII - Cousin Lt. Henry Pease Jenks. (JFA p.555)Jenks received two battle stars for WWII service, in addition to the Presidential Citation for taking part in the capture of the German sub U-505.

USS Jenks DE 665

Great Uncle William J. Jenks. (JFA p.375.r691) Official in the Old Edison Company. Assistant to Thomas Edison. Built Edison's most significant achievement - Brockton Power Plant 1888. Brother Charles assisted. Associate William Lloyd Garrison (renown Abolitionist) and Thomas Edison attended the installation. Power system invented by cousin Frank Julian Sprague Father of Electric Traction and inventor - duplex telephone, quadraplex telegraph, constant speed motor with brushes.

1st Great Grandfather and Grandmother

Charles and Kathryn (Buchanan) Jenks


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