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Kenneth is the father of two successful adult children. Both have completed graduate school -Son Undergrad in Aeronautical Engineering Cal Poly, an MA in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminar, and an MBA Finance with a career in valuation, debt, and equity financing for low income housing development. His Daughter received a BS in Public Relations, a business certificate from UCLA, an MA Teaching from USC, and a three year teaching credential following the M.A.T.. There are four languages spoken with fluency within his immediate family: English; Korean; Spanish; Japanese. Kenneth's son-in-law earned a BBA and MBA in finance and maintains a successful career in financial management.  A young grandfather, Kenneth has three beautiful grandchildren. His children learned the value of hard work and diligent study from a young age, and were active in music and sports throughout their childhood. As adults, they continue to include their musical talents in their daily lives. Kenneth is a strong supporter of the performing arts and sports in education.

Kenneth has lived his entire adult life in Southern California. Other than a brief time at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, following the Granada Invasion in late 1983 and a few years in the San Fernando Valley, Kenneth has resided in Valencia for the past 30 years. His three  grandchildren are  3rd generation SCV.  

Early Life 

Kenneth was born in Dansville NY, a rural town in the rolling hills and countryside of the Finger Lakes Region.


Letchworth State Park - Grand Canyon of the East

15 miles from Kenneth's birthplace and Early life

The family was raised in the Christian faith. Kenneth's grandmother was a charter member and founder of the church where the family attended and his parents took their wedding vows. Many attend this same church still to this day.   

Kenneth's birthplace, Dansville NY, is the home of the 1st Chapter of the American Red Cross founded by resident Clara Barton. It is also a few miles from the birthplace of Francis Julius Bellamy, author of the Pledge of Allegiance. Not more than a 45 minute drive through the rolling hills is the town of Seneca Falls NY, Birthplace of Women's Rights in America where Kenneth's cousin and renown writer, speaker, American Woman's Rights and Temperance Advocate, and Abolitionist Amelia Jenks introduced Susan B. Anthony to Elizabeth Cady Stanton - the Trio. 

Cousin Amelia Jenks  - Center

The family homestead was destroyed by fire before Kenneth entered middle school. Kenneth would forever have deep empathy and compassion for other’s facing devastation and tragedy. At age 10, Kenneth began playing drums in school programs. Throughout his school years, Kenneth thrived in concert band, marching band, jazz-rock band, and pit band for school plays. As a teenager, Kenneth earned a snare drum, drumline position with an adult, competitive drum and bugle corps known as the Dansville White Sabers.  Kenneth’s skills also earned him a job as a drummer in his Uncle’s professional band which performed Friday and Saturday nights in local Moose Clubs, Elks Lodges, VFWs, and American Legion posts. Kenneth’s uncle was a 20-year retired Vietnam era veteran.

HS Big Band Jazz and Rock Band. Back row, 2nd from Left.

Church Services - Music Ministries - Santa Clarita 90s

A champion swimmer, Kenneth set his first high school varsity swim team record as a freshman. He would continue setting records and leading the swim team through high school to many championships. Money earned from playing in his Uncle’s band, working on potato farms, in grape vineyards, lifeguarding, mowing lawns, and shoveling snow would help pay his way through summer swim camps at Alfred University and Alfred Tech. Kenneth also worked weekends ¬≠at Dansville Noyes Memorial Hospital in the house keeping department. Working in the band, on farms, and weekends at the hospital, Kenneth learned a strong work ethic that has lasted a lifetime. Kenneth participated in "Swim for Lives" cancer fundraising programs as a teenager.

HS Swim Team

U.S. Masters Swimmer

Kenneth studied Tatsu Do in his early teens, Kempo while deployed in the Marine Corps to Okinawa, and then Tae Kwon Do while serving on the Korean Peninsula. 

      Martial Arts

Daughter and Son-in-Law

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