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California Corporate and Small Business Challanges

Drawing from 35 years experience and extensive post graduate studies in finance and economics (MS MBA), Mr. Jenks will straight talk why California's liberal policies and socialist democratic government overreach are unfriendly to business.

Santa Clarita Water

SCV Water Detects PFAS Chemicals in Anothe

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LA Times: Capitol Journal: Taxes - When it comes to paying taxes, California is Bernie Sanders’ kind of state

LA Times: Capitol Journal: When it comes to paying taxes, California is Bernie Sanders’ kind of state  


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SB-104 a Sanctuary Healthcare Magnet

June 10, 2019  Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom on Tuesday signed SB-104, which extends health care benefits to individuals 19 to 25 years of age, regardless of their immigration status.

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School choice! Charter schools, magnet, home schooling, and more alternative choices and exploratory methods. Our students deserve the best possible choices! Kids do not learn the same. Funds - where are the CA lottery funds?

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I support solar, wind, nuclear, water power, and all environmentally friendly sources of energy. As far as fossil fuels are concerned, the manufacture of iron and steel requires coal. Mining of raw material, supply chain, production methods and collateral impact, material disposition of finished goods and material resources required to produce alternative energy methods requires significant consideration in the discussion of greenhouse gases, clean air, water quality, and other environmental risks.  (Read More)

Homeland Security

Homeland security includes strong military forces, border control, controlled ports of entry, cybersecurity and cyber forensics, intellectual property protection, uncompromising support for law enforcement and ICE. A strong economy, highly educated population, and great heath care align well with homeland security.

Education and training in the professions are critical to our National security. H1B visas should be very tightly controlled to prevent espionage or export of our intellectual property to foreign  or hostile entities.

The Executive and Judiciary Branches must be permitted to enforce and adhere to existing legislation without politicization.



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My position on immigration is a that the issue is like a three legged stool; 1. Secure borders and state of the art ports of entry, 2. High Tech, and  3. Legislation. Existing legislation must be enforced. Illegal immigration is a push-pull situation. Those issues that push desperate citizens of other countries leave, the challenges to balance empathy and compassion with enforcement of our immigration laws, and the pull that is created with the prospects of our education in the U.S., health care, failed policy as it relates to the "helping hand" at the expense of U.S. tax payers -failed policy, low wage jobs, and sanctuary cities. 

I will be a congressional leader that will collaborate with bipartisanship on all three legs of the stool for sensible solutions. First and foremost, existing laws must be enforced and our borders secured and controlled at ports of entry. Birth right and chain migration must also be addressed with legislation. We must stop illegal immigration and put American residents and citizens first.

Furthermore, ICE must have the authority to apprehend criminal, undocumented immigrants.


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America First. Continue to build U.S. manufacturing and assembly. Focus on robotics in manufacturing to pull back shipment of raw material abroad for cheap assembly labor. Raw materials become finished goods from abroad are tariffed on the return. Quality and safety are also compromised. Global catastrophic events will have a lessor impact on the U.S. economy when those products coming in are merely cheaper substitutes, inferior finished goods, or complimentary. Made in America relates both economic stability, sustainability and national security. Continued tariff equilibrium is essential. I support and champion Capitalism, Competition, and relatively free markets. Trade equilibrium is not protectionism. I support our President's current policies and approaches to achieving trade equilibrium.

Domestic fiscal policy, including a budget that is balanced and allows acceptable, marginal variance for macro business cycle adjustment is essential. We cannot put a budget straightjacket on the Executive and Legislative branch when it comes to fiscal policy and budgets. That said, pork barrel projects and earmarks must cease. There is legislation to stop this; however, discipline is lacking in Congress.

The Federal Reserve has a lot to do with maintaining stability. With control of monetary policy, the Fed must allow for self correction while also adjusting rates and print to maintain inflation at approximately 2%. GDP growth over the next 5 year horizon looks to be about 1.9% to 2% annually.









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Committee to Elect Kenneth Jenks to Congress. California's 25th Congressional District.
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