The Role of Entry Taxes in Sustainable Tourism: Insights from Bonaire

Sustainable tourism is an important subject that has been gaining more attention worldwide, and one crucial aspect of it is the implementation of entry taxes. Such a strategy not only generates revenue for environmental conservation but also promotes responsible tourism. By analyzing the case of Bonaire, a Caribbean island with a strong commitment to sustainability, we can gain a clearer understanding of how entry taxes play an essential role in building a sustainable tourism industry. This art... Read

How to determine the cost of a product?

In business, when you decide to invest in a product, you need to have the cost price in mind in order to set the selling price of your product. What do we know about costing? Read this article to find out. what is costing? Whether your company is a production firm, has trading and/or service activity, the cost price is a rather crucial value for its existence. It represents all direct and indirect charges, fixed costs (production costs, administrative costs) incurred by a company in the producti... Read