Ghanaian student creates audio system

Samuel Aboagye of Aggrey Road, a Ghanaian high school student has amazed the Ghanaian school community by using his genius to design an audio system from recycled plastic gallons. It's an innovation that bears his name and could earn him a living already at a young age.

What did he build?

This is an audio system that Samuel Aboagye has built. This system is supported by a Bluetooth technology that allows the production of sound. The young high school student was able to make his creation out of plastic gallons. He was inspired by the Dext Technology Limited science kit, a Ghanaian technology company. His sound system produces good quality sound. It has a magnetic system and consists of 40 separate elements and electronic components such as iron, filings, etc.
According to the claims of several technology companies such as Antipem, Samuel Aboagye's kit could be used to solve scientific problems of an academic nature. Already, the kit has been produced in quantity and distributed in all schools, high schools and colleges in the country. This success of the young person would serve as an example and proof of success for his peers who should imitate him.

This is not the first youth initiative in Ghana.

Technological innovations are not new to Ghana. Seven young high school students at the Kristo Asafo Mission have put their creativity to use and built an "aeroplane car" which was recently launched by the Kantanka Group.
These success stories should be promoted in a context where Africa is sorely lacking in cutting-edge technologies to foster its development. It is also proof that precisely Ghana can count on the potential of these young people to create engineering companies capable of recovering and transporting its young people into finished products, i.e. world-class engineers.

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