How to play and win pokies online?

Casinos games have become a trend in those years. Pokies, among many other games, are highly appreciated by customers. In fact, pokies are games that create chances for players, and they can play it from anywhere provided that they have access to the internet. However, despite their popularity and high level of winnings, some people still do not know how pokies work in order to win. Today's post is entirely dedicated to that. We are going to respond to most of your burning questions on how to play and win pokies online!

Know how online pokies work

Online pokies are generally available on online casinos. That said, they can be accessed via the internet or by downloading a pokie app. If you are registered on an online casino or have the app on your mobile device, here's how pokies are displayed.
Firstly, most virtual pokies have a grid consisting of columns and rows. Each column is composed of three symbols and each row has five symbols, with a sum total of fifteen symbols. As for physical pokies, online pokies have a "spin" or "play" button that you can press to launch the game. You can learn more about this on
To determine if there is any winning, the pokie algorithm will look for a winning combination after you have spun the reels. If that is the case, you can claim the payout; if not, you will have to spin again. But if you are playing on an online casino, you will have to place a bet before proceeding with further spins.

Understand how to win at pokies

The ultimate goal of any customer playing online games is to make winnings. Online pokies have the potential to help you do that in a legal way, if you know how to take advantage of the game. So, the first thing you should know about pokies is that the game is not just about spinning. 
Your spins must come out with matching symbols or a winning combination. But the winnings also depend on the number and type of symbols you have gotten in a combination. Some pokies may require you to have three identical symbols on the play line to win, while others require you to land on matching symbols on consecutive columns. 
As pokies may differ from a gambling platform to another, you can also find some pokies with clusters. With the latters, you just have to land on a set of symbols, whether it is vertically adjacent or horizontal. From time to time, you may also find pokies that offer you bonus rounds or progressive jackpot slots. Anyway, understanding each of these features helps you find out which one is suitable for you and how to win it.

Is it possible to beat or cheat pokies?

In order to play and win pokies, you need to understand that they are just like any other gambling game: luck is the only key point to beat them. Furthermore, most casinos or gambling platforms ensure that their games respect unbiased and random gaming principles. That said, cheating is almost impossible because every spin is random.
However, you can leverage some strategies to play and win pokies games. For example, you can take advantage of casino bonuses such as free spins and use them to play pokies. You can also check out a pokie payout rate in order to determine the amount you can bet for a higher reward!

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