High-tech insurance: what you need to know!

High-tech insurance is a service that is in vogue today. Many people are willing to take out insurance on their product when the value of the product is high. What is high-tech insurance? How does it work and what guarantees does it offer? These are some of the questions you will find answers to in this article.

What Is High-tech Insurance

High-tech insurance is a guarantee that insurance companies offer on high-tech products. Just like motorbikes, cars, houses, health, etc., high-tech products, the value of which exceeds a hundred euros, are covered by insurance. In addition, you should note that this form of insurance helps a lot, which is why it is sometimes recommended to all people to subscribe for it.

What devices are covered by high-tech insurance?

All electronic objects and household appliances can be insured with the exception of a few that are already covered by home insurance. Objects that cost more than a hundred euros to purchase can be covered by high-tech insurance. These include cameras, camcorders and action cams, tablets and smartphones, portable video game consoles, laptops, etc.

What does high-tech insurance cover?

High-tech insurance offers very interesting guarantees. It covers several risks including those related to theft, breakage or breakdown of your electronic devices or products.

What does your high-tech insurance cover?

The price and coverage of product insurance varies depending on a number of parameters. Like other types of insurance, the coverage is relative to the size of your policy and the level of cover. Coverage also depends on the cost of the deductible and the purchase price of the property. It also depends on the period of cover agreed at the time of signing the deed.

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